GPIB - IEEE488.2

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ICS's makes a complete range of GPIB bus products starting with GPIB bus Controllers that work with all Win32 platforms and operating systems. ICS's Ethernet-to-GPIB Controller adds Ethernet capability to ICS's line of GPIB Bus Controllers and expands GPIB control to virtually any computer with a network interface.

ICS's GPIB bus extension products overcome the GPIB bus's address, distance and fanout limitations. Other GPIB bus modules add control, sense, and switching capabilities to GPIB test systems. ICS's standard and custom GPIB interfaces adapt devices with digital, serial or analog signals to the GPIB bus. ICS customizes the firmware in its standard products to satisfy the needs of its OEM customers.

ICS recently introduced a new type of GPIB Interface that adapts VXI-11 compatible LAN Instruments for use in GPIB test systems

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