PC based I/O board

PC based I/O board

ICP DAS promises to satisfy you by over 132 kinds of board in one stop shopping. These boards not only cover from ISA to PCI bus that you would have often seen on your PC but even support PCI Express.

From hundreds of board, taking PCI bus boards for example; they are sorted into three series: PCI, PISO, and PIO series. PCI series are top-of-the-line ones that reach awesome performance with multiple functions and high resolutions; PISO series are putting emphasis on its protection ability to prevent signal input from direct impact; PIO series are cost-effective ways for general use, and moreover, they are well-suited for high-speed transmission applications.

All the I/O boards are widely applied in various fields of automation systems. In brief, digital I/O boards are for monitoring and controlling logic signals such as button, switch, relay, on/off, high/low and open/close conditions, analog I/O boards are for analog signals acquisition or transmitting application, and the timer, counter and frequency boards are for pulse signals measurements.

Memory boards are so unique that you can find them only in ICP DAS. With two Lithium-polymer batteries, data can be preserved for 10 years. Gambling machines in the casino are the main application of our memory boards.

Besides, with aid of daughter boards, each board we have mentioned above is highly expandable.
We are good at I/O measurement. Just pick one, and let our board take care of the rest! The following are the product lists. Hurry to start your tour right away!

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