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24 V/5 A Power Supply


● With built in PFC
● 90% efficiency
● 60% power boost ability
● 23 V ~ 28 V adjustable range




1. Each output can provide up to max. load separately when the power supply starts up. To exceed the max. output power  continuously is not allowed.

2. At factory,in 60%rated load condition,each output is checked to be within voltage accuracy.

3. Line regulation is defined by changing ±10% of input voltage from nominal line at rated load.

4. Load regulation is defined by changing ±40% of measured output load from 60%rated load at another output set to 60%rated load.

5. Ripple &noise is measured by using 15 MHz bandwidth limited oscilloscope and terminated each output with a 0.47 uF capacitor at rated load and nominal line.

6. Hold up time is measured from the end of the last charging pulse to the time which the main output drops down to low  limit of main output at rated load and nominal line.

7. Efficiency is measured at rated load and nominal line.

Meer informatie
Input Voltage 85 VAC ~ 264 VAC
Input Current <1.6 A @ 115 VAC, <0.8 A @230 VAC
Input Frequency 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Inrush Current (Cold Start)
< 15 A at 115 VAC
< 30 A at 230 VAC
Output Rail +24 V
Min. 0 A
Rated 5 A
Max. 6 A
Voltage Accuracy ±2%
Ripple Noise <50 mVpp
Line Regulation !O0.1%
Load Regulation !O0.5%
Efficiency 90% typical at 230 VAC
Hold-up Time Longer than 20 ms at 115 VAC
Overvoltage Protection Latch off
Overload Protection Auto recovery
Short Circuit Protection Auto recovery
Safety & EMC
EMI Standard FCC docket 20780 curve "B" EN55022 "B", EN61000-3-2 class D
Safety UL 1950, UL 508 CSA 22.2 No. 950-M90 EN 60 950
Power On Indicator Green light on the panel
Connectors AC & DC Connector : Terminal blocks (suitable wire 26~10 AWG)
Hook For standard symmetrical 35mm DIN-Rail
Operating Temperature -10 °C ~ +70 °C (derating: typ. 3 W/K > 60 °C)
Storage Temperature -25 °C ~ +85 °C
Cooling Free air convection
Dimensions: 65 x 125 x 103mm
Mijn vraag gaat over: ICPDAS DP-1200
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