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The words "breakthrough" and "innovation" have been associated with Grapthec since the company's modest beginnings half a century ago. Today, Graphtec offers several different printing technologies including Pen, Direct Imaging, and Thermal Transfer, some of which are also applied ot Graphtec's measuring instrument product lines.

Company History

Graphtec Corporation was established (as Watanabe Instruments) in Tokyo in 1949. The company was formed to specialize in the design and manufacturing of analog recording instruments, and released its first product, an EO type pen oscillograph, in 1952. Graphtec rapidly became an industry leader, both in Japan and around the world.

The company was quick to venture into new fields, and introduced its first plotter in 1961. With the growth of computing in the 1960s, Graphtec branched out into computer aided design (CAD), and today offers a wide range of computer input devices, such as digitizers and scanners, and output devices such as pen plotters, direct imaging plotters, cutting plotters for the sign and and apparel industries, thermal printers, thermal-transfer printers, and inkjet printers.

Graphtec's comprehensive line of recording and measuring instruments includes high-speed X-Y recorders, pen oscillographs, multi-channel strip chart recorders, and sophisticated thermal array recorders with large-format display screens, used for monitoring and analyzing up to 16 independent channels. Outstandingly accurate and reliable, Graphtec equipment comes to you with ergonomic design and intelligent features to boost your productivity even as they enhance the precision of your work.

Graphtec's corporate philosophy emphasizes the pride every member takes in the company's products. The pride comes through at all stages, from preliminary planning and design to final delivery. This commitment to quality does not stop at the factory door. It extends to services and customer-support personnel around the world, because Graphtec never forgets what is at stake every time you choose one of its products: every single time, Graphtec's standing as an innovator, pace-setter, and market leader, is on the line.

Graphtec proudly acknowledges its standing as a world leader in technology. Through four subsidiaries and a global network of distributors, Graphtec products are exported to over 40 countries worldwide. All this has been built on Graphtec's many competitive strenghts-products features, performance, compatibility, and price. It's hard to find a value that's even comparable.

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Handheld 8-channel Data Logger

● 8 Channel
● High Resolution 5.7" colour LCD display
● Accepts voltages and thermocouples
● Built in 256MB memory
● Ethernet 100Tx,USB 2.0 interfaces
● Data can be captured directly to an external USB memory stick
● Continuous battery charge during operation
● Ultra small A5 size (232mm x 150mm x 80mm)

Handheld, 10-channel Data Logger

● 10 isolated multi function inputs (Voltage Temperature or humidity)
● High Resolution 4.3" WQVGA Color TFT display
● Easy to use keypad menu system
● Built in 2 GB non volatile memory
● Optional battery for measurement in remote areas.
● Record data directly to USB data stick
● Connect the GL220 to a PC to transfer data or monitor data in real time
● Free software to review / analyse data

De Graphtec data logger is een robuust systeem dat geschikt is voor spanning, stroom en temperatuur sensoren. Voor het bestellen van een data logger van het merk Graphtec bent u bij Fieldworks Direct B.V. aan het juiste adres. Niet voor niets zijn wij een grote speler als het gaat om industriële ICT-toepassingen. Heeft u interesse in de Graphtec GL240 data logger? Vraag dan meteen uw offerte aan via onze website.

Met een Graphtec data logger haalt u een stukje kwaliteit in huis

Met een data logger van het merk Graphtec weet u altijd dat u kwaliteit in huis haalt. Zo beschikken de Graphtec dataloggers over een duidelijke display die meetwaarden zowel digitaal als in grafiekvorm weergeeft. Hierbij kan de data logger tot wel 10 keer per seconde een meting opslaan. Zo heeft u altijd accurate resultaten en zal geen enkele ontwikkeling onopgemerkt blijven dankzij de Graphtec GL240 data logger of één van de andere dataloggers van dit merk. Verder beschikt de Graphtec GL240 data logger over de volgende specificaties:

● 10 geïsoleerde multifunctionele aansluitingen (voltage, temperatuur of luchtvochtigheid)
● ±20 mV tot ±100 V input over 12 bereiken
● Hoge resolutie 4.3" WQVGA Color TFT scherm
● Eenvoudig keypad systeem
● Inclusief 4 GB SD kaart
● Optionele batterij leverbaar
● Direct data opslag naar een USB-stick
● Verbindt de GL240 met een pc om data uit te lezen of data live te monitoren
● Gratis software om data te bekijken/analyseren

Is een data logger van het merk Graphtec precies waarnaar u op zoek bent? Vraag dan meteen een offerte aan bij Fieldworks Direct B.V. Dit kan via onze website, maar ook telefonisch. U kunt hiervoor bellen naar +31 (0) 73 624 1111. Eerst nog wat vragen over de data loggers die wij verkopen? Of uzelf persoonlijk laten adviseren? Dan kunt u natuurlijk ook altijd even met ons bellen.

Isolated/Universal input, Standalone Multi-Channel Datalogger

● 20 analog input channels, expandable to 200
   ● Programmable per channel
   ● ±20 mV to ±100 V over 12 ranges
   ● Supports direct-connected thermocouples of any type
   ● Supports direct-connected PT100/PT1000 RTDs
   ● Full isolation per channel (60V; see 300V version)
● 4 discrete input channels
   ● Programmable as a group as logic or pulse inputs
   ● Pulse inputs support counter or frequency inputs
● 4 discrete alarm outputs
● Optional WiFi wireless operation
● Flexible triggering
● Built-in, 7-inch display
● Built-in Web server operation for remote operations
● Removable SD memory support up to 32 GB capacity - one (1) 4GB memory card included
● Operates either stand-alone or PC-connected
● PC-side software included


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