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8.0"  Vehicle Touch Display

● Ultra-low power LED backlight
● Sunlight readable
● Automatic backlight dimmer
● Autopower on/off by VGA signal
● 3 composite video input
● Certification CE, e-mark, EN50155, CCC
● Power 6-36V, meets car/truck requirements
● Operation temperature -20ºC to 60ºC Resistive Touch
● Ultra low power consumption
● Shock/Vibration proof
● Aluminium chassis


full rugged vehicle touch display


8,0" Full Rugged Monitor, WSVGA resolution, AFFS+ technology (transflective) with 1000 nits brightness. The rugged chassis design makes it perfect for harsh environments as Vehicle fleet management terminal.

The RVD-108 includes a high featured controller including automatic and manual back- light adjustment, depending of the ambient light, which makes it suitable for applications from the darkest night (NVIS) to the bright sunlight. The RVD-108 includes a resistive touch panel with USB controller, adding full interactivity.

The RVD-108 is available with VGA and Audio input as standard, 3 Composite Video. All inputs are available on the “all in one cable”, minimizing the time and cost for the installation and mainteniance, plus it includes a lockable connector for an easy and quick connection.

RVD-108 optionally includes a resistive touch panel with USB/RS232controller, adding interactivity for low budget projects. RVD-108 also includes a rugged PCT(Projected Capacitive Multi-touch) touch screen as option which is not only with higher lighttransmission but thicker glass, anti-vandal, and no recalibration is required.Industries such as Medical Equipment and Industrial Instrument are looking toward a product with no fragile to scratches and cleaning, or required continued calibration due to drift, werenot transparent enough, and in some instances did not work with a gloved hand.

Special options:
Outdoor readability Meets MIL-STD-3009
NVIS Optional NVIS B compliant





Artikelnummer RVD-108
Fabrikant Datalux
Rugged Features Vibration: 1G 2-500Hz
Shock: 20G 11ms
Aluminium chasis/rear. PVC-ABS front.
Scherm 8.0"
256k Colors
Resistive Type of Touch Screen
support XGA Modes 1024x768px
Pointing Device Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
I/O Ports HDMI
Camera Input
USB Touch Screen
Communication Interface USB Touch Screen
Security CE
Power 6-36Vdc
6~8 Watt
Dimensions & Weight 214x165.9x27mm
1 kg
Environmental Spec Storage temperature: -40ºC to 85ºC
Operation temperature: -20ºC to 60ºC


RVD-108 Rugged Vehicle Monitor


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