Converter & Repeater

Converter & Repeater

Most industrial computer systems come with standard RS-232 serial ports. Though widely accepted, RS-232 has limited transmission speed, range and networking capabilities. The RS-422/485 standards overcome these limitations by using differential voltage lines for data and control signals. The RS-422/485 repeater simply amplifies, or boosts, existing RS-422/485 signals to enable them to cover longer distances. It extends the communication distance by 1200m (4,000 ft.) or increases the maximum number of connected nodes by 32.

The serial media converters provide conversion between serial networks and other media. They can transparently convert RS-232 signals to RS-422/485 signals, as well as convert RS-422/485 to RS-232 signals without changing the PC's hardware or software. The converter lets you easily build an industrial grade, long distance communication system with standard PC hardware.

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  1. tM-7521 CR Tiny Addressable Serial Converter with PoE and 1 RS-232 and 1 RS-485 Ports (RoHS)

    Tiny Addressable Serial Converter

    ● Integrates any RS-232/485 serial device
    ● Contains a high-performance 32-bit MCU
    ● 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, RJ-45 x1
    ● (Auto-negotiating, auto MDI/MDIX, LED Indicators)
    ● Includes redundant power inputs: PoE and DC jack
    ● Provides automatic RS-485 direction control
    ● Includes a UDP responder for device discovery
    ● Supports easy firmware updates via the Ethernet
    ● Contains a tiny web server for configuration
    ● Terminal block connector for easy wiring
    ● Tiny form-factor and low power consumption
    ● RoHS compliant & no Halogen
    ● Made from fire retardant materials (UL94-V0 Level)
    ● Cost-effective with a low channel count

  2. I-2533CS

    CAN to Single-mode Fiber Bridge

    ● Fiber Type: SC ; Single mode ; 100 Base-FX
    ● Maximum transmission distance up to 30 km (60km for I-2533CS-60, 15km for I-2533CS-A and I-2533CS-B) at any CAN baud rate
    ● NXP TJA1042 CAN transceiver
    ● 2500 Vrms isolation on the CAN side
    ● Supports both CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B
    ● Fully compatible with the ISO 11898-2 standard
    ● Rotary switch for CAN baud rate configuration
    ● Build-in switch for 120 Ω terminator resistor
    ● Removable terminal block, Mount easily on DIN-Rail
    ● Allows user-defined CAN baud rate
    ● Fiber broken line detection
    ● Utility tool for CAN message filter configuration
    ● The CAN port with the same Group ID can communicate with each other

  3. Industrial 4-port CAN bus Switch with Metal casing

    Industrial 4-port CAN bus Switch with Metal casing

    ● 4 CAN communication ports
    ● Compatible with CAN specification 2.0A and 2.0B
    ● Fully compatible with the ISO 11898-2 standard
    ● Baud rate : 5 k, 10 k, 20 k, 33.3 k, 50 k, 62.5 k, 83.3 k, 125 k, 250 k, 500 k, 800 k, 1 M bps and user-defined
    ● CAN bus filter is configurable
    ● 100 data frames buffer for each CAN channel
    ● Max data flow up to 2500 fps for all CAN channel
    ● Selectable baud rate by rotary switch
    ● Selectable 120Ω terminator resistor by DIP switch
    ● LED for CAN reception and transmission
    ● Support CAN network with star or tree topology
    ● Extending the CAN bus distance to expand the CAN network size
    ● Integrating different CAN network with different baud rate

  4. RS-232/422/485 to Fiber Optic Converter

    RS-232/422/485 to Single- or Mulit-Mode Fiber optic converter

    ● Automatic RS-485 Direction Control
    ● Optical fibers enable transmission of 2 km for I-2541 and 15 km for
    ● I-2542-A/I-2542-B
    ● Avoids lightning strikes and EMI/RFI interference
    ● Supports +10 VDC ~ +30 VDC vESD Protection for the RS-232/422/485 Data Line
    ● DIN-Rail Mounting
    ● Supports operating temperatures from -25 °C ~ +75 °C

  5. ICPDAS RS-232/422/485 converter tM-7510U

    Isolated RS-485 Repeater

    ● 2-way 2500 VDC Isolation Protection
    ● ESD Protection for RS-485 Data Line
    ● Power Input, +10 ~ +30 VDC
    ● Low power consumption
    ● Long-cable application
    ● Power and data flow indicator for troubleshooting
    ● Easy-to-use rotary switch for baud rate setting, 1200 ~ 115200 bps
    ● Operating Temperatures, -25 °C ~ +75 °C
    ● Tiny packaging fits on your DIN-Rail Mounting


  6. Isolated RS-232 to RS-485 Converter

    Isolated RS-232 to RS-485 Converter

    ● 2-way 2500 VDC Isolation Protection
    ● ESD Protection for RS-485 Data Line
    ● Power Input, +10 ~ +30 VDC
    ● Low power consumption
    ● Long-cable application
    ● Power and data flow indicator for troubleshooting
    ● Easy-to-use rotary switch for baud rate setting, 1200 ~ 115200 bps
    ● Operating Temperatures, -25 °C ~ +75 °C
    ● Tiny packaging fits on your DIN-Rail

  7. Modbus RTU to CAN converter

    Modbus RTU to CAN converter

    ● RoHS Design
    ● Fully compatible with ISO 11898-2 standard
    ● Programmable CAN bus baud rate from 10 kbps to 1 Mbps or user-defined baud rate
    ● Support CAN bus acceptance filter configuration
    ● Support firmware update via RS-232
    ● Provide utility tool for module setting and CAN bus communication testing
    ● Built-in jumper to select 120Ω terminator resistor
    ● CAN buffer: 128 data frames ; UART buffer: 256 bytes
    ● Power, data flow and error indicator for CAN and UART status
    ● Hardware Watchdog design
    ● Convert CAN message to specific ASCII command string (Normal mode)
    ● Convert specific ASCII command string to CAN message (Normal mode)
    ● Provide the transparent communication between the RS-232/485/422 devices via CAN bus (Pair-connection mode)
    ● Support function code 0x03/0x04/0x10 of Modbus RTU command for reading and writing CAN message (Modbus RTU mode)

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