CWE BP Amplifier BPM-832

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Versatile BP amplifier with digital readouts

The BPM-832 Pressure Monitor provides two independent amplifiers for use with bridge-type transducers, including pressure, force, and acceleration. Each channel includes a high-gain preamplifier, low-pass filtering, adjustable DC balancing, and a digital readout.


The wide gain range of the BPM-832 and its excellent DC stability make it the perfect choice for interfacing most bridge-type transducers. The digital display can be calibrated in real-world units, such as mmHg, for convenient monitoring. Corresponding analog outputs are provided for each channel for external recording.


A variety of transducers is available from CWE, Inc. These include blood-pressure transducers, airway pressure transducers, sensitive differential transducers for measuring airflow with a pneumotach, and force transducers. The input connectors are compatible with all CWE and Grass Instruments® pressure and force transducers. Adapter cables are available for most commercial transducers as well.


The BPM-832 is powered by a regulated, wall-mount power supply with all international approvals, including the CE mark. The BPM-832 provides a compact, economical solution for most transducer interfacing applications.

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Overall Gain Range

0 - 1000 X

Excitation Voltage 5.00 VDC standard (adjustable to 4.0 - 10.0 VDC)
Balance Ranges .±10mV, ±100mV, ±500mV, jumper selectable
Low-pass Filters 0.1 Hz (mean), 10, 50, 100, 500, and 5000 Hz
Input Connectors ITT Canon WK6-32S, 6-pin shielded
Output Connectors BNC Jacks
Digital Readouts LCD, ±1999, arbitrary units
Power Supply
±12 VDC regulated
Power Requirements
120/240 VAC
Size (W x H x D)
240 x 64 x 205 mm
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Two-channel Pressure Monitor

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Versatile BP amplifier with digital readouts
CWE BP Amplifier BPM-832
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