Xplore Technologies

Since the beginning, Xplore has remained true to its original mission: to be the industry's leading provider of the MOST RUGGED and INNOVATIVE computing solutions. It has invested significantly in testing, research and market development, resulting in the creation of what customers are calling a "best-in-class" rugged computing family. Not surprisingly, Xplore has developed an impressive customer base and channel partners covering a wide spectrum of industries.

In 2008, Xplore released its sixth generation Tablet product: the IX104C4™. This product family leverages leading-edge technologies. Xplore's strategic relationships with Microsoft and other technology leaders, as well as over thirteen years of experience developing RUGGED Pen/Touch Tablet Computers.

Xplore has concentrated on the key needs of the industry and has used leading-edge technology to address them. The result of these efforts is a customer approved family of products that crosses several vertical markets. These products provide our customers with the highest probability of success in achieving their goals and objectives while using a system.

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