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Fieldworks Direct B.V. is leverancier van het gerenommeerde merk ICS Electronics. ICS Electronics combineert vooroplopende GPIB, Ethernet, Serial, USB en VXI Bus technologieën voor het creëren van innovatieve producten voor de test, meet en controle industrieën. Hierbij streeft ICS Electronics ernaar om zijn klanten te voorzien van de meest innovatieve en veelzijdige controllers, interfaces en testmodules. Het doel hiervan is om elke test- of besturingstaak volledig te automatiseren. Dankzij de interface producten van ICS Electronics kunt u zichzelf vele uren besparen tijdens het ontwikkelen van uw test- en besturingsprogramma’s.

Diversiteit aan innovatieve producten van ICS Electronics

Het merk ICS Electronics produceert een grote veelzijdigheid aan producten voor in de test, meet en besturingsindustrie. U kunt hierbij denken aan onder andere:

  • GPIB producten;
  • Ethernet producten;
  • Serial producten;
  • Modbus controle producten;
  • VXI bus producten.

Bekijk hieronder ons aanbod aan producten van ICS Electronics. Staat de controller, interface of testmodule die u nodig heeft ertussen? Dan kunt u daarvoor via onze website direct een offerte aanvragen. Wilt u graag wat meer informatie over het assortiment ICS Electronics  van Fieldworks Direct B.V.? Of wilt u graag persoonlijk advies om erachter te komen welk product perfect bij uw wensen zou passen? Neem dan contact met ons op via +31 (0) 73 624 1111.

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  1. 488-LPCI Hi-speed GPIB Controller Card for PCI Bus Computers

    Hi-speed GPIB Controller Card for PCI Bus Computers

    ● Converts any PC with a PCI bus into a GPIB Controller
    ● Fast > 1 MHz data transfer rate. Reduces test time.
    ● 488.2V4 Driver supports 32 and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7with a true 64-bit DLL.
    ● Compatible with industry standard 'ib' and '488.2' command sets
    ● Includes short bracket for lo-profile chassis
    ● Works with Agilent, NI and Kikisui VISA libraries.
    ● ICS's Explorer auto configures your controller as it finds your instruments.
    ● Program with Visual Basic, C, LabVIEW, Matlab or Agilent VEE
    ● Most affordable PCI-GPIB controller with a GPIB-32.dll.

  2. USB-to-GPIB Controller Module for PCs

    USB-to-GPIB Controller Module for PCs

    ● Converts any PC with a USB port into a GPIB Controller. USB1.1 and USB2.0 compatible.
    ● Fast >1 Mbytes/second data transfer rate. Reduces test time.
    ● 32-bit WIN 2K/XP/Vista/7 Compatible Drivers with NI 488.2 style commands. Vista and .NET ready now.
    ● Multi-controller driver. Mix up to 16 PCI, PXI or USB GPIB Controllers.
    ● Includes ICS's new Explorer program. Find, configure and control instruments in one program.
    ● Includes GPIB AnyWhere. Lets you control your GPIB devices from a remote computer or over the Internet.
    ● Works with NI and Agilent VISA libraries. Supports all major test programs.

  3. 8065 Ethernet GPIB Controller

    Ethernet-to-GPIB Gateway

    ● Remote control of GPIB instruments via the Internet or in-house network. Control GPIB and HP-IB Devices anywhere there is a network connection.
    ● Runs from any VXI-11 compliant VISA library. Use VEE, LabVIEW, C, and Visual Basic programs with VISA or SICL calls.
    ● Easily controlled by RPC calls over TCP/IP. Adds GPIB Controller capability to Unix, Linux, SunOS and similar operating systems.
    ● Does not require special drivers for each operating system. Eliminates driver problems.
    ● Includes ICS's VXI-11. Keyboard Controller program for interactive control of GPIB devices. Lets you control instruments without writing a program.
    ● Handles multiple clients. Shares equipment among multiple users.
    ● Internal WebServer with network setup pages. Change network settings with any web browser.

  4. IEEE-488.2/GPIB-to-Analog Interface

    IEEE-488.2/GPIB-to-Analog Interface

    ● Provides four floating 16-bit analog outputs with 750 VDC isolation. Controls analog devices without ground loops.
    ● Four differential analog inputs with individual programmable ranges. Programmable inputs for reading voltage sources, current shunts, sensors etc.
    ● High current drivers can operate external relays etc. Digital control of external devices.
    ● Digital inputs read or monitor discrete signals. Generates SRQ on selected signal changes.
    ● User setable scale factors for analog signals. Matches 4861A commands and responses to real values.
    ● OEM board versions available with serial (RS-232/RS-485) and GPIB interfaces. Choice of interfaces.
    ● Includes sample control, calibration and configuration programs. Complete software package.


  5. GPIB to Parallel Digital Interface

    GPIB to Parallel Digital Interface

    ● Provides a user-definable, 48-line parallel interface with bit, byte, pulse, string and binary
    data transfer capabilities. Fully configurable to the user's needs by bus commands.
    ● Signal monitor feature allows the 4863 to detect signal changes on 15 inputs. Relieves controller of time consuming polling function.
    ● High-current drivers and input pullup resistors. Drives more devices, longer lines and inputs CMOS signals or switch contacts.
    ● Device configuration and bus address stored in Flash. Saves your setup values.
    ● IEEE-488.2 compatible unit uses SCPI commands and Short Form commands. Includes latest GPIB program advances.
    ● Packaged in small 1U high metal case. Smaller size with EMI/RFI protection.
    ● Includes a menu-driven configuration program. Steps user through configuration

  6. GPIB to Relay Interface

    GPIB to Relay Interface

    ● Multiple relay configurations: 16 low-level SPST relays, 16 hi-power SPST relays, 16 relay drivers. Choose the right contact or relay driver for your application.
    ● Multiple relay programming modes: individual relays, single or multipole scanning. Flexible relay programming.
    ● Isolated digital inputs accept contact closures and CMOS/TTL logic levels. Eliminates ground loops.
    ● IEEE-488.2 compatible unit uses SCPI commands. Meets the latest GPIB specifications.
    ● Includes a menu-driven configuration program. Steps user through configuration

    ● Metal case provides full EMI/RFI protection. Proven EMI/RFI Compliance.

  7. GPIB Data Acquisition and Control Board

    ICS GPIB-to-Analog Minibox 4867

    ● Combines Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Relay drivers and Temperature readings in a ICS Minibox™. Versitile GPIB module controls almost any device.
    ● 32-line Digital Interface configurable as gated inputs or latched outputs. User configurable to match the application.
    ● Six Analog Inputs with programmable ranges. Measures up to ±10 VDC.
    ● Four 0 to 5 VDC Analog Outputs. Controls analog devices.
    ● High current Relay Drivers sink 300 mA. Drive external relays or use as a digital control line.
    ● Setup and IDN message saved in Flash memory. Save's your configuration.
    ● Support includes a menu driven configuration program, Visual Basic and LabView programs. Easy to use, easy to program.
    ● Companion Terminal Board simplifies test connections. Saves connection time.


  8. GPIB to Printer Interface

    GPIB to Printer Interface

    ● Provides GPIB to Centronics or to 1284 Printer Interface. Drives virtually all parallel printers.
    ● Large 252 Kbyte buffer and high GPIB data transfer rate. Speeds up GPIB data transfers and off loads PC.
    ● Stores GPIB address and interface settings in E2ROM. Configure unit without having to remove the cover.
    ● IEEE-488.2, IEEE-1284 compatibility and SCPI commands. Meets the latest programming specifications.
    ● Includes 4892B to Printer Cable and Support CD. Nothing more to buy.
    ● Includes menu-driven, configuration programs and ICS's interactive GPIBkybd program. Easy configuration changes with most GPIB controllers.
    ● 1U high, thin box design with optional rack mounting hardware kit. Small unit saves space.


  9. Enhanced GPIB to Serial Interface

    Enhanced GPIB to Serial Interface

    ● Provides RS-232C single-ended and RS-422/RS-485 differential serial interfaces. Compatible with all RS-232 devices and RS-422/RS-485 networks.
    ● Expanded baud rate range from 50 to 115,200 baud. All standard rates.
    ● Built-in 256 Kbyte RAM buffer for spooling data. Large data memory.
    ● Over 600 Kbyte/second GPIB data transfer rate. DMA handshake speeds up GPIB data transfers.
    ● Transparent data transfer. Does not require data input/output commands.
    ● Saves configuration settings in flash memory. Configure unit without having to remove the cover.
    ● Programmable replacement for the NI CV interfaces. Upgrade to a 488.2 Interface.


  10. GPIB to Serial ANSI X3.28 Interfaces

    GPIB to Serial ANSI X3.28 Interfaces

    ● Adapts serial ANSI X3.28 devices to the GPIB Bus. Eliminates unprintable characters
    and simplifies protocol handling.

    ● IEEE-488.2 compatible interfaces. Responds to all IEEE-488.2 Common Commands.
    ● GPIB/Serial configuration set with SCPI commands and stored in Flash. Eliminates removing covers or setting switches to set or query a setting.
    ● User selectable singleended RS-232 and balanced RS-422/RS-485 serial signals. Matches any asynchronous serial interface.
    ● Support includes example programs, LabView Drivers, and menu driven Configuration Programs. Multiple programming options.
    ● Replaces ICS's older 4814. Smaller 4804B board provides added 488.2 functionality and firmware setup.


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