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4/8-channel Counter/Frequency/Encoder Module

● Support 8 Up Counter
● Support 8 Frequency
● Support 4 Up/Down
● Support 4 Dir/Pulse Counter
● Support 4 A/B Phase Counter
● Support 1 ~ 32767 (us) digital filter
● Support isolated and non-isolated input signals
● Equip with Power and Input signal LED indicators

ICPDAS Counter/Frequency Module I-87084W is a 32 bits hardware high speed Counter/Frequency/Encoder Input Module with "Up Counter", "Frequency", "Up/Down Counter", "Dir/Pulse Counter" and "A/B Phase Counter" mode.


ICPDAS Counter/Frequency Module I-87084W can has variety mode combination for all 8 channels. That means it can use some channels as “Up Counter” and others as "Frequency" or "A/B Phase".


With different communication interface, the I/O modules can be classified to high communication speed (Parallel bus) 8K series modules and low communication speed (serial interface) 87K series modules.


There are two types of I/O modules, Parallel and Serial. The parallel modules (I-8 Series) are high-speed modules and support MCU (Main Control Unit) only.
Item I-87K Series
Communication Interface Serial Bus
Protocol DCON
Communication Speed Slow
DI with Latched Function Y
DI with Counter Input Y (100 Hz)
Power On Value Y
Safe Value Y
Programmable Slew-rate for AO Module Y



High Profile VS Low Profile

With different form factor, I/O modules can be classified to high profile and low profile. Basically, high profile and low profile modules that with same item number also have same I/O channel number.

For example: I-8054 and I-8054W both has 8 DI and 8 DO.

Except I/O channel number, other specifications could be different. You have to double check whether the specifications suit your application.

For example: For I-8054W, its DI logic high level is +10 ~ +50V. But for I-8054, it is +3.5 ~ +30V





  I-87K Series
  High Profile Low Profile
WinPAC Y -
LinPAC Y -
iPAC Y -
ViewPAC Y -
RU-87P1/2/4/8 Y -
USB-87P1/2/4/8 Y -
WinCon Y Y
LinCon Y Y
I-8000 Y Y
I-8KE4/8 Y Y
I-87K4/5/8/9 Y Y



● Counter Measurement
● Frequency Measurement
● Encoder Motion Control

Meer informatie
Digital Input
Counter & Frequency 4-channel Up/Down Counter (CW/CCW)
4-channel Dir/Pulse Counter (Bi-direction)
4-channel A/B Phase (Quadrant Counting)
8-channel Up Counter
8-channel Frequency
Digital Noise Filter 1 ~ 32767 μs
Isolated Input Level
On Voltage Level 3.5 VDC ~ 30 VDC
Off Voltage Level 1 VDC Max.
TTL Input Level
On Voltage Level 2 VDC ~ 5 VDC
Off Voltage Level 0 VDC ~ 0.8 VDC
Input Frequency
TTL Mode 1 Hz ~ (typically) 500 kHz (both counter mode and frequency mode)
(where 500 kHz is calculated as followings: supposed that duty cycle = 50%, refer to Minimum Pulse Duration of High Level, we have pulse period = 1 μs x 2 = 2 μs, which is 500 kHz as a maximum)
Isolated Mode 3.5 V ~ 10 V: 1 Hz ~ (typically) 200 kHz
10 V ~ 30V : 1 Hz ~ (typically) 150 kHz
Maximum Frequency Refer to Minimum Pulse Duration of High Level, maximum frequency is highly affected by duty cycle
Frequency Accuracy = ±0.4 %
Isolated Voltage 2000 VDC
ESD Protection 4 kV (Contact for each channel)
LED Indicators
1 LED Power Indicator
8 LEDs Digital Input Indicators
Power Consumption 0.6 W
Dimensions (w x l x h) 30 x 102 x 115 mm
Operating Temperature -25 °C ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 °C ~ +75 °C
Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing
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