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Dataq Instruments is fabrikant van data acquisitie hardware welke gebruikt wordt door artsen welke zich bezighouden met "life siences" onderzoek, ingenieurs met allerlei disciplines, en technici die betrokken zijn bij onderhoud en het oplossen van problemen. Tevens vindt u hier producten voor het vervangen van Xt- en XY-recorders, PC gebaseerde oscilloscopen, dataloggers en andere data acquisitie systemen, inclusief een breed aanbod van software producten.

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  1. Dataq Model DI-4718B

    DI-4718B Data Acquisitie en Data Logger Systemen

    ● 8 analoge ingangen
    ● 160 kHz max sample frequentie
    ● Voor industriële metingen
    ● Maakt gebruik van geïsoleerde DI-8B meetversterkers
    ● Anti-aliasing Filter per kanaal
    ● Dataopslag naar PC of USB Stick
    ● Kanaal uitbreiding middels ChannelStretch™
    ● Inclusief WinDaq software


  2. Dataq DI-808 Web-based data logger

    Eight-channel Web-based Voltage and Thermocouple Data Logger

    ● No software to install
    ● Intelligent data logger with built-in web server 
    ● Allows remote real time display and configuration
    ● 8differential and isolated analog input channels
    ● Voltage or Thermocouple per channel configurable
    ● 12 input Voltage ranges: ±10mV ~±50V;
    ● Supports TC types J, K, T, B, R, S, E, or N
    ● 4 pulse input channels (frequency, or discrete function per channel)
    ● 4 real-time discrete alarm output channels with email/text notification
    ● Automatic time and date stamping
    ● Flexible triggering selections start and stop data recording
    ● Alarm status
    ● Date/time/day-of-week
    ● 20 programmable sampling intervals ranging from 25 mS to 1 hour
    ● 16-bit analog A/D resolution
    ● Built-in Ethernet interface

  3. Model DI-4108 High-speed, 16-bit, Expandable USB Data Acquisition (USB DAQ)

    Dataq Instruments DI-4000 Serie
    High-speed USB / Ethernet / PoE DAQ
    ● 8 beveiligde analoge differentiële ingangen
    ● Bereiken: ±2 to ±100 V of ±200mV to ±10 V
    ● tot ±120 V rms zonder schade
    ● Anti-aliasing Filter per kanaal instelbaar
    ● 16-bit A/D en tot 160 kHz sample frequentie
    ● USB, Ethernet en PoE Interfaces
    ● Optioneel te gebruiken als stand-alone datalogger  
    ● Ondersteund ChannelStretch™ voor multi-unit synchronisatie:
    ● Ready-to-run & Easy to learn professionele WinDaq software
    ● .Net Classes voor Visual Studio programma ontwikkeling


  4. DI-1120 Data Acquisition Starterkit

    Low Cost, Compact USB Data Acquisition Starter kit, 4 analog channels and a full scale range of ±2.5 to ±100 Volts.

    ● Low-cost, Compact USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit
    ● Four Differential Analog Inputs
    ● ±2.5 to ±100 Volts full scale range
    ● 14-bit Resolution
    ● Supports ChannelStretch™ multi-unit synchronization
    ● Up to 160 kHz Sample Rate
    ● 7 Digital Ports
    ● Provided with WinDaq/Lite Software

  5. Low Cost Data Acquisition Starter Kit

    8-channel USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit

    Eight Analog Input Channels
    ● Differential Analog Input Configuration
    ● Up to ±100 V without damage
    ● 12-bit Measurement Resolution
    ● Armored Inputs Absorb Mistakes
    ● 160 kHz Analog Channel Sample Rate
    ● 7 Digital Ports
    ● USB-powered
    ● Comprehensive Programming Support
    ● Ready-to-run Software Support

  6. Dataq Instruments 2000310 Powered 7 port USB hub

    ● Powered 7 port USB hub to synchronize multiple USB Dataq Instruments devices

  7. Dataq DI-2108-P with Channel Stretch support

    Dataq DI-2108-P, High-speed, 16-bit, Expandable USB DAQ

    ● 4 or 8 armored analog differential inputs
    -  ±2.5, ±5, ±10, 0-5, 0-10 Volts
    - Up to ±300 V without damage
    ● Up to 160 kHz sample throughput rate
    ● Optional upgrade to Stand-alone Datalogger
    ● Supports ChannelStretch™ multi-unit synchronization 
    - Up to sixteen instruments
    - Up to 480 kHz throughput
    - Up to 128 analog channels and 112 digital ports
    ● Seven digital I/O ports
    - Programmable per port as input or switch
    - Support for frequency measurements to 50 kHz
    - Support for 16-bit counter
    ● Wide-ranging software support includes:
    - Ready-to-run WinDaq software


  8. Low Cost Data Acquisition Starter Kit

    Four-channel USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit

    Four Analog Input Channels
    ● Differential Analog Input Configuration
    ● Enhanced noise immunity, and limited common mode volt tolerance.
    ● 12-bit Measurement Resolution
    ● Armored Inputs Absorb Mistakes
    ● Fast Analog Channel Sample Rate
    ● Two Digital Input Ports
    ● Supports 4-20 mA Measurements
    ● USB-powered
    ● Comprehensive Programming Support
    ● Ready-to-run Software Support

  9. Eight-channel, DI-8B module data logger system

    Eight-channel, DI-8B module data logger system

    ● Measures temperature, pressure, flow, current, voltage, and more
    ● Low-Cost, Portable, USB or Ethernet Data Logger. This product is similar to the DI-710 Series but with Signal Conditioned inputs
    ● Eight DI-8B signal-conditioned analog inputs
    ● Stand-alone data logger option allows in-the-field measurements to be saved to Secure Digital Cards (SD)
    ● 14-bit analog to digital conversion
    ● Includes WinDaq Software
    ● Record from as low as 0.0017 Hz to as much as 14,400 Hz
    ● Wide variety of measurement functions and ranges based on DI-8B module selections

  10. HMP60 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    Miniature Humidity and Temperature Probe

    ●  -40°C to +60°C, 0 to 100% RH Measurement Range
    ●  Rugged IP-64 rated metal construction (protected from dust and low pressure water jets)
    ●  Low power consumption
    ●  2.5 V output
    ●  Sensor easily replaced

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