The signal conditioning modules are aimed to pre-process the physical signal to acquire. The temperature (RTD, Thermocouple) and strain gauge modules turn the input signal into a standard voltage for further acquisition with a standard acquisition board.
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  1. Isolated RTD Input Module

    Isolated RTD Input Module


  2. Isolated Thermocouple Input Transmitter Module

    Model ICPDAS 3011 / 3011H

    ● Isolated Linearized Thermocouple Input Module
    ● Configurable for a Wide Range of Thermocouple Types
    ● Adjustable CJC Offset
    ● Open Thermocouple Detection
    ● Three-way Isolation: 1000 VDC
    ● High-speed Response Time: 0.5 ms (SG-3011H)
    ● Operating Temperature Range: -25 to +75°C


  3. Isolated Strain Gauge Input Module

    Isolated Strain Gauge Input Module


    ● Three-way isolation: 1000 VDC
    ● Accuracy: ±0.1% of full range
    ● Bandwidth: 600 Hz (typical)@-3dB
    ● Operation temperature range:-25°C~75°C
    ● Storage temperature range:-30 °C ~ 85 °C


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