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Web-Enabled LED Display


ICP DAS ISaGRAF controllers, W-8x37/8x36/8x47/8x46, I-8xx7, I-7188EG/XG can display Message, Real, Integer, Boolean value, Local language in Bitmap format, Bitmap picture to EKAN - Modview LED display by Modbus RTU protocol via RS-485 port.


EKAN Display open a new Era of Visual Management Communication
LED displays are seen everyday as building communication system, transportation information displays, for advertising in front of the store. Due to very limited functions and difficult-to-use, LED display isn't so popular and widely used. Our innovative EKAN series LED display overcomes those drawbacks of traditional LED display and open a new Era of Visual Management Communication. The EKAN display can help the manager communicate with employees anywhere and anytime.


Visual Communication can be Bi-Direction

Since Master-type EKAN embedded a μPAC (Programmable Automation Controller), many devices can be connected, such as keypad, Barcode reader, card reader, and temperature-sensor, PLC... etc. All those devices can upgrade EKAN display from one-way communication to bi-direction communication.


Outstanding Features

The EKAN display features web-enable capability, cost-effective, easy programming, easy installation, software configurable multi-display, diversified text and image display, compact size, and optional fieldbus. We provide Dlite SDK for EKAN display. The user can use Dlite SDK to integrate EKAN display to their system easily.


Embedded Controller inside Master-type EKAN (ME-122/124)

Traditional LED display is usually a proprietary system and provides very limited function for customer. Our master-type EKAN embedded our I-7188 controller and inherits all advantages of I-7188. The I-7188 is an open and TCP/IP ready environments,user can develop their own software on that. Since I-7188 supports Ethernet, FRnet, RS-232 and RS-485 bus, it can communicate with RS-232/485 devices or our remote I/Omodule, such as I-7000, I-2000 and I-87K via RS-485 or FRNet.

Memory-Mapping & Real-time Display
The master-type EKAN display consists of one or several EKAN module. Each EKAN module has several FRnet chips to control every single LED dot. The EKAN display uses memory-mapping skill to light on the individual LED. The refresh time of each LED module is 5.76 ms. More EKAN modules need more refresh time. For example, if the EKAN display has 6 EKAN LED modules, the refresh time is 34.56 ms. Each LED module can display 6 English characters or three Chinese words. Compared to traditional LED display, EKAN has much better display quality and can display message or graphics in real time.


Flexible Display Layout

The EKAN display uses memory-mapping mechanism to control LED displays, which means every physical dot on the LED displays corresponds to a virtual dot of the memory arrays, so you can easily divide a physical display into any numbers of virtual display region. Because each virtual display region can display its own message with its own message type and message effect, the user can easily combine several elements such as real-time data, moving message and animations on a single physical display. 


We provide Dlite EKAN display. The Dlite SDK is designed for those customers looking to customize their version of our display control software.



● Office Automation
● Factory Automation
● ATM, Kiosk, Vending Machine display
● Display for Data acquisition system
● Game and Lottery machine
● Restaurant Automation
● Hotel Automation
● Fast Food Automation
● Machinery & Equipment display
● Transportation message display
● Campus Message Display

Meer informatie
Pixel Matrix 16x96
Display Dimensions 64 x 384mm
Character Dots English 8x6 or 16x8
Max. Chars 2x16
Power Consumption 48W@24V DC
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