ICS Ethernet Relay Interface 8064

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Ethernet to Relay Interface

● VXI-11.3 Compatible. Works with virtually any computer or test language.
● Multiple configurations: 16 low-level SPST relays, 16 hi-power SPST relays, 16 relay drivers. Choose the correct contact or driver for your application.
● Multiple relay programming modes: individual relays or single or multi-pole scanning. Flexible relay programming.
● Isolated digital inputs accept contact closures, CMOS/TTL, and up to 32 V inputs. Eliminates ground loops.
● IEEE-488.2 compatible unit uses SCPI commands. Meets the latest test system specifications.
● Configurable with a web browser, with a windows configuration program or RPC. Easy network configuration from any computer.
● Includes ICS's VXI-11 keyboard program. The easy way to test relay connections before writing a test program.

The ICS Ethernet Relay Interface 8064 is an Ethernet to Relay Interface that provides 16 form ‘A’ contacts or 16 relay drivers for switching signals or for driving external relays. The ICS Ethernet Relay Interface 8064’s versatile commands let the user control the relays individually, step them as a single or multi-pole scanner, or step in any programmed sequence. The ICS Ethernet Relay Interface 8064 also includes eight isolated digital inputs that can be used to read external signals or contact closures. In control applications, these signals can be used to verify the response of the external system to the control outputs. The ICS Ethernet Relay Interface 8064 can also monitor the digital inputs and generate a Service Request when the signals change state.

Meer informatie
ICS Electronics
VXI-11 Capabilities
Fully VXI-11.3 compliant
VXI-11.3 Device Interface
Sockets 15 + 1 for UDP
Channel types Data, Abort and Interrupt
Links 64
Interface Names
inst0 for general use
inst1 for transparent data
VXI-11.3 Functions
All VXI-11.3 functions including device read, write, local, remote, clear, trigger, readstb, lock and unlock.
RPC Protocol
Conforms to ONC RPC v2, VXI-11
Ethernet Interface
Type IEEE 802.3 compliant
10BaseT (10 Mb/s)
100BaseT (100 Mb/s)
IP Address Static or DHCP
Factory setting static
Interface name any [inst0]
Internal Webserver
Provides the following HTML 4.01 compatible web pages:

404, 500 and 501 Error pages
Relay Control

SCPI Capabilities
Incorporates the SCPI Command Tree. Complies with SCPI v1994.0
LXI Compatability
The 8064 generally conforms to the LXI 1.1 Specification for Class C instruments except the 8064 does not self generate IP addressees. The 8064's VXI-11.3 and IEEE-488.2 conformance exceeds LXI requirements.
Controls and Indicators
Power Front panel switch
LAN Rst Rear panel push-button that resets the network settings
PWR Indicated pwer on
LAN Unit connected to active LAN. Blinks to identify the unit
ACT Transferring messages to/from the network
RDY Unit has passed self test
TALK Unit asked to send data
LSTN Unit sent a command or data
SRQ Device Service Request asserted
ERR Blinks for a soft VXI-11 error and On for solid command errors.
Relay Contacts
All relay contacts are brought out to individual pins on the relay connector. Guard lines are provided on the PC board between adjacent relay contacts to minimize crosstalk.
Model No. 8064-11 8064-12
Usage Lo Level Hi Power
Number of Relays 16 16
Contact Form Form A (SPST) Form A (SPST)
Contact Material Ruthenium -
Contact Ratings
Restive Load 0.5 A 1.0 A
Switching V 200 VDC 200 VDC
Power 10 W 50 W
Breakdown V 300 VAC 300 VAC
Resistance 0.15 Ω 0.2 Ω
Relay/Solenoid Driver Outputs
The -14 version has the relay driver outputs. Relay drivers are open collector type with an internal snubber diode. User supplies the positive relay power for the diodes.
Model No. 8064-14
Usage External Rays
Number of Drivers 16
Sink Current 300 mA max.
Switching V 48 VDC max.
Scanner-sequence Memory
16 relays x 32 steps
Digital Lines
Eight isolated inputs that can be queried and/or monitored for selected bit changes. Detected changes are saved and can be used to generate a Service Request (SRQ).
Data Lines 8
Input Signals TTL/CMOS or contact closure to ground
Input Levels
Low = 0±0.5 V @ 2 mA
High=>2.4 V or open
Pullups 1.5 KΩ to +5 Vdc or to user furnished external voltage
External Voltage 5 to 32 VDC
Isolation 500 VDC to internal logic with external pullup voltage.
Monitoring > 1k samples/sec.
1185.2 x 38.6 x 189.2mm
Construction RoHS compliant, lead free
Connectors and Headers
Digital I/O 50-pin female, metal DC shell blue-ribbon connector with locking springs
LEDs 8-pin male header
Ethernet RJ-45
Operation Temperature -10 °C to +70 °C
Storage Temperature -20 °C to +85 °C
Humidity 0-90% RH without condensation
12 to 24 VDC @ 7 VA + 50 mA/closed relay
EEC Standards EN 61000-6-4:2001, EN 61000-6-2:2001, EN 55024:2003, and EN 55022:2003.
Included Accessories
Instruction Manual
Mating Connector
LAN Crossover Cable
CD-ROM with VXI-11 Keyboard Controller program and Configuration Utility
UL/CSA/VDE approved AC power Adapters
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Ethernet to Relay Interface
ICS Ethernet Relay Interface 8064
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