ICS Ethernet-to-Digital Interface Board 8013

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Ethernet-to-Digital Interface Board

● VXI-11.3 Compatible. Works with the newest test systems and any computer.
● Provides a user-definable, 128-line parallel interface with bit, byte, pulse, string and binary data transfer capabilities. Fully configurable to the user's needs.
● Device configuration, user's IDN message and IP address stored in non-volatile Flash memory. User can easily set the power-on configuration.
● Two companion Relay Driver Boards for 5-48 volt relays. Boosts drive signals to control larger relays and solenoids.
● Configurable with a web browser, with a windows configuration program or with RPC calls. Easy network configuration from any computer.
● Includes ICS's interactive VXI-11 keyboard program. Easy control without having to write a program.
● Interchangeable with ICS's 4813 GPIB and 2313 Serial boards. Easy conversion path.

ICS Ethernet-to-Digital Interface Board 8013 provides a 128 line, user configurable, digital interface for controlling relays or other devices in a test system. The ICS Ethernet-to-Digital Interface Board 8013 connects to any TCP/IP 10/100 MHz network as an VXI-11.3/LXI compatible device for easy control from any computer or operating system. Includes an internal Web Server for changing the network settings from any web browser. Use ICS's VXI-11 Keyboard Program for instant control from a PC without writing a program. The ICS Ethernet-to-Digital Interface Board 8013's Digital interface and operation is interchangeable with ICS's 4813 GPIB and 2313 Serial-to-Digital Interface Cards.

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ICS Electronics
VXI-11 Capabilities
Fully VXI-11.3 compliant
VXI-11.3 Device Interface
Sockets 15 + 1 for UDP
Channel types Data, Abort and Interrupt
Links 64
Interface Names
inst0 for general use
inst1 for transparent data
VXI-11.3 Functions
All VXI-11.3 functions including device read, write, local, remote, clear, trigger, readstb, lock and unlock.
RPC Protocol
Conforms to ONC RPC v2, VXI-11
Ethernet Interface
Type IEEE 802.3 compliant
10BaseT (10 Mb/s)
100BaseT (100 Mb/s)
IP Address Static or DHCP
Factory setting static
Interface name any [inst0], [inst1]
Internal Webserver
Provides the following HTML 4.01 compatible web pages:
SCPI Capabilities
Incorporates the SCPI Command Tree. Complies with SCPI v1994.0
Controls and Indicators
LAN RST Board edge push button
PWR Indicates power on
LAN Unit good and connected to an active network
ACT Transferring message to/from the network
RDY Unit has passed self test
TALK Unit is addressed to talk
LSTN Unit is addressed to listen
SRQ SRQ asserted on GPIB bus
ERR Blinks for a detected soft error or solid On for a command error
Digital Lines
Signal Characteristics The 8013's parallel I/O signals have the following electrical characteristics. All time delays listed here are maximums, all pulse widths are minimums.
Lines 128 Digital I/O, 2 Status and Reset Inputs
Input Logic Levels
High = > +2.0 V @ ±10 μA
Low = <0.8 V @ 250 μA
with 33 KΩ pullup to +5 VDC for sensing contacts.
Max. High = 5.5V
Input Timing External data Inhibit line SETS within 1 μs of the active edge of the EDR Input singal and resets after data is loaded. Data loading time for 6 BCD/HEX characters is 0.15 ms (typ.) after the 8013 has been addressed as a Talker.
Output Logic Levels
High = >3 V with 3 mA source
High =>2 V with 24 mA source
Low = 0.0 to +0.55 Vdc, 48 mA sink
Output Timing
Data is transferred to the output 2 to 3 ms after receipt of a message depending upon data transfer mode and command.
Pulse width 10 to 30000 ms
Data Stb Output pulse width, 5 μs
Trigger Output pulse width, 5 μs
Remote Output level asserted when in the remote state
Reset Output pulse width, 70 μs when 8013 reset.
178 x 140 x 14mm (L x W x H)
PCB FR406 Fiberglass
Components RoHS compatible
Construction Lead Free
Connectors and Headers
Digital I/O 150-pin, 3 row male connector
Ethernet RJ-45
Operation Temperature -10 °C to +70 °C
Storage Temperature -20 °C to +85 °C
Humidity 0-90% RH without condensation
+5 Vdc @ 500 mA (typ.)
Included Accessories
Instruction Manual
Support CD with sample programs
LAN Crossover Cable
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Ethernet-to-Digital Interface Board
ICS Ethernet-to-Digital Interface Board 8013
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