ICS GPIB Software ANyWhere

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Remote Control Software for GPIB Instruments

● Remote control of GPIB instruments via the Internet or over in-house network. Control GPIB and HP-IB devices from anywhere.
● Gives Unix/Linux users control of a WIN32 PC and GPIB Controller. Inexpensive GPIB bus Access for Unix/Linux users.
● Debug test programs on production hardware. Work from your desk rather than in production.
● Compatible with most VISAs. Supports VEE, LabVIEW and all programs that can make VISA calls.
● RPC over TCP/IP capable communication. Unit/Linux tools can easily communication through RPC.
● Includes ICS's VXI-11 Keyboard program for interactive control of GPIB devices. Lets you try out commands and verify instrument control using the VXI-11 Service.

ICS GPIB Software AnyWhere™ is a VXI-11 Service Software that lets you control your GPIB instruments from anywhere over the Internet or over an in-house network. GPIB AnyWhere™ makes it easy to share GPIB equipment or to run remote tests from your desktop.


ICS GPIB Software AnyWhere's VXI-11 Service converts a an Intel type PC with a compatible GPIB Controller into a network accessible GPIB Controller. ICS's GPIB AnyWhere™ VXI-11 Service can be installed on any PC with a WIN32 operating system and a compatible GPIB Controller. The VXI-11 Service becomes a system service that is active at all times. It provides a VXI-11.2 Service accessible on the network, thereby allowing any networked computer to access the GPIB Controller through it. The installation of the VXI-11 Service does not impact existing GPIB applications on the computer. Locking techniques avoid interference with the existing test programs.

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VXI-11 Capabilities
Provides VXI-11.2 Interface (GPIB Controller) and VXI-11.3 Instrument (GPIB Device) control functions.
Uses RPC over TCP/IP for remote communication. The VXI-11 Standard includes the structure definitions necessary for rpcgen usage.
VXI-11 Keyboard Controller Program
Runs on the local WIN32 computer and interactively sends user inputs from the PC Keyboard to bus device, reads back device responses and executes other bus commands. Also operates on a remote WIN32 system to control the GPIB bus over the company network or Internet.
Compatible Software
GPIB AnyWhere's VXI-11 Service is compatible with the following applications:

NI LabVIEW (4.0 thru 7.1)
Agilent VEE
MathWorks MATLAB
Argonne Labs EPICS
Comptabile VISAs

GPIB AnyWhere's VXI-11 Service is compatible with any VISA that supports TCP/IP VISA resources.

VXI-11.2 and VXI-11.3 capable VISAs:
Linux VISA

V|XI-11.3 capable VISAs:
Agilent VISA
National Instruments VISA

System Requirements
Local Computer
An Intel type PC with:
GPIB Controller and a GPIB-32.DLL installed
WIN32 Operating System (Win 2K or XP)
3 Mbytes of free Hard Disk space

Remote Computer
Virtually any computer with an operating system that can make RPC protocol calls or has a VXI-11 compatible VISA installed.
Included Accessories
Instruction Manual
GPIB AnyWhere Installer and VXI-11 Keyboard
Controller program on CD-ROM
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