PCI bus IEEE-488 board

● Faster data transfer
● Complete IEEE-488.2 compatibility
● Compatible software for easy upgrade
● IEEE-488.2 subroutines
● Data transfer between computers
● Hardware diagnostics
● Example program library

The PCI-488 provides IEEE 488.2 interface for the PC/XT/AT and the PCI bus computer, respectively. It is fully compliant with the IEEE 488.2 specification and can be used to operate all IEEE-488 compliant instruments. PCI-488 is high-speed and easy programming. There are abundant practical examples for you to complete data acquisition, measurement, and analysis tasks faster than ever before. The hardware, software and documentation have all been carefully designed and written to improve your productivity.

● Up to 14 devices can be connected
● 20 meters standard cable length
● Follow IEEE488, IEEE488.1, IEEE488.2, SCPI
● Dimensions: 120 x 64.4 mm (PCI-488)


Additional Specification of PCI-488


PCI-488 can work in any computer with one or more PCI slots and control all 488, GPIB and HP-IB instruments. PCI-488 implements all required and optional features of the IEEE-488.2 standard in controller or device mode as a talker and a listener. PCI-488 hardware is 100% compatible with existing applications currently running on our other IEEE 488 cards.


PCI Plug & Plug software with auto addressing provides instant-on switch with less configuration. All IEEE 488.2 functions and commands are supported. These include listen, talk, device clear, group execute trigger, go to local, interface clear, local lockout, parallel poll configure or disable, remote enable, selected device clear, serial poll, pass control, unlisten, and untalk.


Support Languages
Visual BASIC, Visual C++, C and Delphi


Operating System
Windows 2000/XP

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