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High Speed 4-axis Motion Control Module with CPU inside

● Independent 4-axis motion control
● Support for hand wheel and jog functions
● 2/3-axis linear interpolation function
● 2-axis circular interpolation function
● Continuous interpolation function
● Programmable T/S-curve acceleration and deceleration
● A maximum of 4 Mpps pulse output rate for each axis
● Pulse output types: CW/CCW or Pulse/Direction
● 32-bit encoder counter for each axis
● Encoder pulse input types: A/B phase or Up/Down

TheICPDAS Motion Module I-8094H-G is a 4-axis stepping/pulse-type servo motor control module that can be used on any of the ICPDAS WinCon series controllers, and is suitable for general-purpose motion applications. It is a module that has full functions of I-8094 plus one port of FRnet and has an 80186 CPU inside this module to do extra functions. The FRnet port allows this module to expand its fast remote I/O easily. This two-wired FRnet can automatically scan its 128 DI and 128 DO with a period of 2.88 ms.


This CPU let this module be able to do motion without PAC. When working with PAC, it also allows users to add additional functions by calling user-defined subroutines (macro functions). Therefore, users can build their special know-how inside this module. I-8094H module contains a high-performance motion ASIC. Apart from a wide speed range, this intelligent motion controller also has a variety of motion control functions built in, such as 2/3- axis linear interpolation, 2-axis circular interpolation, T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration, various synchronous actions, automatic homing, and others.


In addition, most of the ICPDAS Motion Module I-8094H-G motion control functions are performed with little load on the processor. While driving the motors, the motion status, and the other I/O status on the WinCon modules, can still be monitored. As a result of the low CPU loading requirements of the I-8094H, one or more motion modules may be used on a single WinCon controller. ICPDAS has also provided a variety of functions and examples to reduce the need for programming by users, making it a highly cost-effective solution for motion builders.


With different communication interface, the I/O modules can be classified to high communication speed (Parallel bus) 8K series modules and low communication speed (serial interface) 87K series modules.


There are two types of I/O modules, Parallel and Serial. The parallel modules (I-8 Series) are high-speed modules and support MCU (Main Control Unit) only.
Item I-87K Series
Communication Interface Parallel Bus
Protocol -
Communication Speed Fast
DI with Latched Function -
DI with Counter Input -
Power On Value -
Safe Value -
Programmable Slew-rate for AO Module -



High Profile VS Low Profile

With different form factor, I/O modules can be classified to high profile and low profile. Basically, high profile and low profile modules that with same item number also have same I/O channel number.

For example: I-8054 and I-8054W both has 8 DI and 8 DO.

Except I/O channel number, other specifications could be different. You have to double check whether the specifications suit your application.

For example: For I-8054W, its DI logic high level is +10 ~ +50V. But for I-8054, it is +3.5 ~ +30V





● X-Y Table
● Fix-Pitch Stamping Machine
● Transfer Machine
● Spinner
● Loader/Unloader

Meer informatie
Interpolation Functions
Linear Interpolation (Interpolation Speed: 4 Mpps) 32-bit max for any single command
Circular Interpolation (Interpolation Speed: 4 Mpps) 32-bit max for any single command
Bit Pattern Interpolation (Interpolation Speed: 4 Mpps) Yes (for i-8000 only)
Continuous Interpolation (Interpolation Speed: 2 Mpps) Yes
Drive Speed Curve Maximum Drive Speed 4 Mpps
Constant Speed Driving Yes
Trapezoidal Acc/Dec Driving Yes
Asymmetrical Trapezoidal Driving Yes
Asymmetrical Trapezoidal Automatic Deceleration Driving Yes
S-curve Acc/Dec Driving Yes
Asymmetrical S-curve Driving Yes
Asymmetrical S-curve Automatic Deceleration Driving No
Position Control Logic Position Counter/Bit Length for output pulse 32-bit
Real Position Counter/Bit Length for output pulse 32-bit
Position Compare Register Number/Axis 2
Software Limit Yes
Position Counter Variable Ring Yes
Automatic Home Search Configurable (4 Steps) for each axis including irregular operation handling Yes
Step 1: high-speed near home search
Step 2: low-speed home search
Step 3: low-speed encoder Z-phase search
Step 4: high-speed offset drive
Synchronous Action 10 activation factors (provocatives or events) and 14 actions Yes
External Signal for Driving Fixed/Continuous Pulse Output Yes
Manual Pulsar Yes
Other Functions Drive Speed Change during Driving Yes
Output Pulse Number Change during Driving Yes
Triangle Form Prevention of Speed Curve Yes
Servo Motor Signal Servo Ready and Alarm Input Signals/Axis Yes
Servo Enable Output / Axis Yes
Other Input Signals IN0 (Near Home), IN1 (Home), IN2 (Z-phase), IN3/Axis Yes
Emergency Signal Yes
Input Signal Integral Type Filter Filter Time Constant: 2 ~ 16 ms, 8 stages Yes
Isolation of I/O Signal 2500 Vrms  
Macro Functions User defined subroutines Yes
The contents of subroutines can be different according to users' special designs
Can load functions as a macro on-line
Can run macro by default function calls
Keep user's know-how in privacy
FRnet Interface Max. 128 DI and 128 DO Yes
Hardware auto-scan I/O for every 2.88 ms
Two-wired serial bus is very wire-saving
Max. communication distance: 400 m
Plenty of FRnet I/O terminal boards and modules are available
Operating Temperature -20 °C ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 °C ~ +85 °C
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 85% RH, non-condensing
Storage Humidity 5 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing
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