ICPDAS eLogger

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Data Logger Software


● PAC Support
● I/O Module Support
● Signal Type of I/O Modules
● Communication
● Real Time Data Trend
● Value Scaling
● Account Management
● Remote Maintenance
● Data Base
● Logic Control Programming


eLogger is a free charge and easy-to-use software to implement HMI and data logger on our Windows CE.NET 5.0 based PACs (WinPAC and ViewPAC) for simple I/O monitoring and controlling systems. It can save your money and shorten time-to-market.


eLogger can quickly and easily develop an application with flexible I/O configuration. The developing can be completed in just 5 simple steps: configuring I/O modules, configuring data logger, designing HMI layout pages, uploading the project to WinPAC/ViewPAC, running it. In the simple steps, there is no need of software programming knowledge. And if you want to add more powerful functions, eLogger also provides a flexible “shared memory” interface to allow your VS.NET and ISaGRAF programs co-work with it.


eLogger currently supports I-87K series I/O modules on local slots. In the future, it will support I-8K series I/O modules on local slots and remote I/O modules over RS-485, Ethernet with DCON and Modbus protocols. With the various I/O module series, you can find I/O modules to suit various configurations.

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