CWE Biomedical Amplifier BMA-400

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Full-featured four-channel biopotential amplifier

● Full-featured, low-noise 4-channel extracellular amplifier
● Amplifier for EEG, ECG, EMG, and other extracellular applications


The BMA-400 AC/DC Bioamplifier is a low-noise, four-channel instrument for amplifying EEG, ECG, EMG, and other extracellular biopotential signals. It features exceptionally low noise, a wide gain range, and sharp cutoff bandpass filters. It can be used as a stable DC amplifier, and includes adjustable DC input offset controls.

The BMA-400 features a high-impedance instrumentation amplifier differential front-end, for the lowest noise and best rejection of spurious signals. Gain is adjustable from 10X - 50,000X, extensible to 500,000X with optional head-stages, making it possible to resolve microvolt level signals with ease.

A special logic input allows a stimulus to be passed through the recording electrodes. This stim/record input, as well as the four channel outputs, are connected to a multi-pin connector on the rear panel for convenient cable connections.

Four input connectors are provided for custom wiring of the inputs. Pre-wired cables are available as an option. Applications for the BMA-400 Bioamplifier include multi-channel EEG, EMG, and other extracellular biopotential measurements. For recording from human subjects, optional ISO-Z Isolation Amplifier head-stages are available. For high-impedance microelectrode work, the SUPER-Z head-stage is available, which provides a calibrator as well as additional gain and buffering.

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Verenigde Staten
Channels 4
Input Type Differential instrumentation amp
Impedance >10,000 MΩ
Wideband Noise, RTI <5 μV P-P
Common Mode Rejection >95 dB
Gain Range 10X - 50,000X, 12-positions
Filter type, Slope Butterworth, flattest response, -12 dB/octave
Coupling AC or DC, switchable
Input Offset Adjustment Ranges Yes
Low-pass Filter 100Hz - 50kHz, 6-positions
High-pass filter DC - 100 Hz, 6-positions
Input Connector Amphenol 703-91T-3478-009 7-pin
Output Connector (Rear Panel) BNC jack (+ 25-pin D-SUB female Data Port Connector
Power Adapter/Charger 115/230 VAC, 10 VA
Size (W x H x D)
300 x 100 x 230 mm
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