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Powerful HMI, and SCADA Developing Tool

KW-software OPC-Server 2.0,OPC software

KW-software MULTIPROG 4.0 IEC 61131 programming system, with 6 PLC languages.

Uniform SDK Interface


● Provides easy use API functions
● Supports 32/64-bit Windows OS
● Supports most of the ICP DAS PCI I/O boards
● Uses the same software interface for most I/O boards
● Provides DLL and ActiveX control (OCX)
● Provides the sample programs with source code for several programming languages


VCEP 4.2 Register Package


● Manages WinCon-8000 Anywhere
● Easy-To-Use User Interface
● Supports Various Communication Types


File uploading and configuring tool for to embedded MiniOS7

● A tool to connect (over RS-232, Ethernet), configure (IP, Date/Time), upload files to controllers that embedded MiniOS7.

Building Automation System

● Building Automation System offers the Integration of Electric Device Automation, Access Control and Video on Demand.
● Unified Human Machine Interface
● Supports on-line System Planning, Database Creating, User Interface Building, DCS and Database Configuration and Remote Download
● ODBC Supported, Easily Integrate with MIS/ERP to Offer Available Information

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) tool for C language solution based on MiniOS7

● An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) tool for C language solution based on MiniOS7.
● It integrates editor, compiler, MiniOS7 Utility, full libraries, API documents, etc.

Data Logger Software


● Support DCON, Modbus RTU, Modbus Ascii, Modbus TCP(support IP and Domain name) protocols
● Support mutiple COM Ports and TCP/IP connections
● Support Virtual Channel definition
● Support Control Logic (VB Script)
● Support Alarm Notifier (by sending SMS or E-Mail)
● Flexible module configuration
● Flexible workgroup configuration
● Real time data trend (with zoom in and zoom out)
● Layout view
● IP Camera Viewer
● Access database supported
● Reporter
● High/Low alarm with audio warning
● Can search for DCON modules and M7000 serial modules
● Value scaling


Data Logger Software


● PAC Support
● I/O Module Support
● Signal Type of I/O Modules
● Communication
● Real Time Data Trend
● Value Scaling
● Account Management
● Remote Maintenance
● Data Base
● Logic Control Programming


HMI running on Internet Explorer


● Monitoring and control on the local network
● Monitoring and control on the Internet
● Priority page and multi-page
● Download data file
● Three level password protection
● Web HMI data format
● Trend curve


Virtual COM Driver for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003


Search Servers
● Server Configuration in UDP
● Ping Server
● Compatible with the Windows XP SP2 Built-In Firewall
● Batch Adding Servers by IP Range
● Import/Export Configuration File
● Multiple COM or TCP Terminal Windows


OPC DA Server

● OS environment: Windows 2000 / XP
● Follow OPC 1.0, OPC 2.0 Data Access Standards
● Configure CAN baud rate with OPC utility
● Configure CAN hardware filter by the APIs of the Virtual CAN Driver
● Provide CAN Engine Utility to monitor the CAN messages
● Collect the data from the different CAN devices in one OPC server
● Provide the CAN devices and the virtual CAN port No. mapping table
● Load previous configuration or scan all CAN devices manually while the Virtual CAN Driver boots up
● Provide the APIs of the Virtual CAN Driver
● VC6 / C#.NET / VB.NET Demos for the APIs of the Virtual CAN Driver

Powerful PLC Programming Tool


● Uploading the program in the controller
● On-line Debugging/Control/monitoring
● Off-line Simulation
● Lock & unlock I/O
● On-Line Change
● Auto-Scan I/O
● Simple HMI
● Backup and Restoration of Applications
● Graphic Debugging Animation


KW-software ProVisIT 2.3 machine visualization

15 artikel(en)
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