PACs & Expansion Module Series

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The PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) family is a modular network-based PAC with the capability of connecting I/O either through its own dual backplane bus or alternatively through modular remote I/O chassis and remote I/O modules. The PAC combines the functionality and openness of a PC, the reliability of a programmable logic controller (PLC), and the intelligence of I/O modules. Compared with PC and PLC, PAC offers the best price/performance ratio. The PAC family offers a flexible, versatile and economical solution to a wide range of applications from Data Acquisition, process control, test & measurement, Motion Control to energy & building management. The PAC family includes the WinPAC, XPAC, LinPAC, iPAC, ViewPAC, TouchPAD, WISE and the μPAC series. They distinguish themselves though the Operating System (WinCE, WinXPe, Linux, Mini OS7, Web Server), the CPU (from 40MhZ to 1,1GhZ) the development tool (C, Web, Isagraf, Indusoft). The PAC can be widely used in factory automation, building automation, machine automation, laboratory automation, chemical industry, environmental monitoring, M2M.

  • WinPAC

  • LinPAC

  • ViewPAC

  • iPAC

  • I-7188/uPAC-7186

  • uPAC-5000

  • WISE Web-based PAC

  • SoftPLC based on PAC

  • XPAC

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