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Ethernet is an ideal medium to transport large volumes of data, at speed, across great distances. Previously, multiple networks carrying specific protocols were installed side by side to carry out unique tasks. This inevitably led to project costs increasing as additional fiber optic or copper cables were installed to deal with the increasing volume of data. Using Ethernet a single fiber optic cable can carry multiple protocols. Furthermore, manufacturers are exporting their legacy protocols onto Ethernet, designing new IP based communication protocols and providing embedded Web-Pages within devices that offer real-time information using simple tools like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. There are many poorly designed switches existing in the market, and most of them are fragile, easy to collapse, and always suffer from transmission delay and unreliable communication conditions due to packet collisions or other issues. Users who have bad experiences with those poor switches should try our high quality ones. ICP DAS's switches only choose “REAL INDUSTRIAL” grade switch chips that are temperature tolerant and highly reliable. They are all well-designed by skilled engineers and passed very strict communication and environment tests. All our switches can serve for a long life and guarantee to function perfectly under harsh environment.

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Industrial 8-port unmanaged IP67 Ethernet switch (with PoE)

● Automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover for plug-and-play
● Store-and-forward architecture
● Each port supports both 10/100 Mbps speed auto negotiation
● Full duplex IEEE 802.3x and half duplex backpressure flow control
● Rugged RJ-45 Connector for anti-vibration and shock
● IP67 grade protection approval
● 8 PoE ports with Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) operation (NS-208PSE-IP67 series)
● Auto-detection of PD (powered devices) and automatic power management (NS-208PSE-IP67 series)
● Over-temperature, over-current and over/under-voltage detection (NS-208PSE-IP67 series)

Unmanaged 5-Port Industrial Ethernet Switch with IP67 casing


● Automatic MDI / MDI-X crossover for plug-and-play
● Each port supports both 10/100 Mbps speed auto negotiation
● Store-and-forward architecture
● Full duplex IEEE 802.3x and half duplex backpressure flow control
● 1.4 Gbps high performance memory bandwidth
● Integrated look-up engine with dedicated 1 K unicast MAC addresses
● Supports +10 ~ +30 VDC voltage with 1 KV isolation
Reverse Polarity Protection
● Supports +10~+30Vdc voltage with 1 KV isolation


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