CWE manufactures a wide variety of amplifiers for the recording of EMG, ENG, ECG, and other biopotential signals. These range from the battery-powered BMA-200 Portable Bioamplifier up to 16-channel modular instruments for multi-channel data acquisition. Please contact us with your particular application, and we will be happy to recommend an appropriate and economical solution!

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High-performance, battery-operated biopotential amplifier with built-in audio monitor

● High-performance portable extracellular amplifier
● Battery operated
● Amplifier for EEG, ECG, EMG, and other extracellular applications


Full-featured four-channel biopotential amplifier

● Full-featured, low-noise 4-channel extracellular amplifier
● Amplifier for EEG, ECG, EMG, and other extracellular applications


CC-2000 Sixteen Module Card-Cage

● Holds sixteen modules
● Shielded all-aluminium enclosure
● Standard CC-2000 comes with universal power supply

ICA-916 Input Cable

Multi-channel biopotential (AC-916) and transducers amplifiers (DC-916)

Power Adapter for Medical Signal Conditioners

● Powers one biomedical amplifier
● Supports models BMA-931, MA-1000, PA-931, and PM-1000
● Eliminates the need for a more expensive cage when only a single channel is required

Biopotential Amplfier

● High Gain to x50,000 (Up to 500,000 With a Head-Stage)
● Balanced Differential Inputs for Low Noise Measurements
● Selectable High-Pass and Low-Pass Corner Frequencies
● Applicable to a Wide Range of Biopotential Measurements (EMG, ECG, EOG, etc.)
● Selectable AC/DC Coupling

Biomedical Amplifier Cages

● Direct Connection to DI-720 and DI-722 Series Data Acquisition Instruments
● Desktop and Rack Mount Configurations
● Convenient Insertion and Removal of Amplifiers via Front Panel

Moving Averager

● For EMG and ENG measurements
● Uses easily replaceable time constant modules to implement the moving average
● Comes standard with time constants of 50, 100, and 200 mS, but any values between 10 and 500 mS are available


● LED Display Shows Current Measurements
● Uses Exponential and Derivative Enhancement Techniques to Discriminate the R-Wave from Other Components
● Wide Dynamic Gain Range and an Adjustable Latency Time Prevent False Triggering from Strong P or T Waves

One-animal NIBP system

Blood Pressure Transducer

Miniature Blood Pressure Transducer

Versatile BP amplifier with digital readouts

Compact and versatile amplifier with digital readout

BP-100 Blood Pressure Monitor

16 Item(s)
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