USB-2408 Series

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24-bit Multifunctionele temperatuur en spanning apparaten

● Meet thermokoppels of spanning 
● Tot 16 analoge ingangen 
● 24-bit resolutie 
● Tot 1 kS/s sampling
● 8 digitale I/O
● 2 counters
● Tot 2 analoge uitgangen


Measurement Computing's USB-2408 Series are multifunction DAQ devices designed for highly-accurate voltage or temperature measurements. Each device features up to 16 single-ended (SE)/8 differential (DIFF) analog inputs. Each device includes 8 digital I/O and two counter inputs. The USB-2408-2AO also features two analog outputs. Each device in the series offers 24-bit resolution for ultra-accurate voltage or thermocouple measurements.

Analog Input: Each device includes 16 SE/8 DIFF analog inputs which you can configure for voltage or thermocouple input on a per-channel basis. Eight software-selectable voltage input ranges are provided. You can configure these ranges on a per-channel basis from ±10 V to ±0.078 V. When measuring thermocouples, configure analog inputs in DIFF mode. All devices also include open thermocouple detection to identify improperly working thermocouples.

Sample Rate: The USB-2408 Series can sample analog input channels at up to a 1 kS/s rate.

Digital I/O: Eight digital I/O channels are included with each USB-2408 Series device, and you can read from or write to each individual bit.

Counters: Two 32-bit counters are included with USB-2408 Series devices. The TTL level inputs are capable of read/write rates of up to 500 Hz and an input frequency of up to 1 MHz.

Analog Output (USB-2408-2AO only): The USB-2408-2AO includes two 16-bit analog outputs. Each output has a ±10 V range.


Artikelnummer USB-2408 Series
Fabrikant Measurement Computing
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Analog Inputs


16 SE/8 DIFF
16 SE/8 DIFF 
Sampling Rate USB-2408:

Up to 1 kS/s
Up to 1 kS/s

Analog Outputs USB-2408:


Digital I/O USB-2408:


Counters USB-2408:



24-Bit Multifunction Temperature and Voltage Devices
24-bit Multifunctionele temperatuur en spanning apparaten

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