PCMCIA Card Drive (2 slots) for desktop/PCI (black)

● Two PCMCIA Slots per Unit
● Supports Type I, II and III PC-Cards
● Supports 3.3 V and 5 V PCMCIA Cards
● Supports 16-bit PC-Cards and 32-bit CardBus Cards
● Available for 3.5” internal drive chassis
● Accepts Type III cards and Type I/II cards at the same time, in the same drive bay
● PCI or UniversalPCI interface
● ATA disk interface support

Quatech PCMCIA Card Drives allow desktop PCs to access the technology used in laptop, notebook and handheld computers. This is particularly useful for PCMCIA devices such as Quatech multiport serial cards, as a single product can be shared between desktop and mobile systems. Available for PCI and Universal PCI low profile interfaces, Quatech PCMCIA Card Drives can accommodate a wide variety of devices. The single slot rear units support both 16-bit PCMCIA cards and 32-bit CardBus cards. This makes them ideal for using with a wide variety of wireless LAN devices including network cards, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM and GPRS.

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